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one_liners's Journal

OneLiner - NOTE: All new members please post!!
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One liners. The classics. The jokes that started with "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and end with something that has yet to be said but is probably very rude indeed.

These amazing pieces of mini-prose are but two lines long, but have the ability to brighten someones day, to make them smile, to make them laugh.

But anyway, enough with the poetic nonsense. This is a community. A community dedicated to one-liner jokes. Enjoy.


i) The first rule of one_liners is...you must talk about one_liners. Tell your friends, tell your Auntie, tell the bloke you met in the street with the curious limp and the bad B.O. problem. Spread the word.

ii) If this is your first time, you must post a joke.

iii) Anything goes, apart from racism and/or jokes which are genuinely hurtful to any person.

iii) Bad jokes are not permitted. Only the best here. Sick, twisted, un-politically correct jokes are all welcome (to a point).

iv) There is no rule four.

v) Keep off-topic posts to a minimum. Constant offenders will be chucked, but I don't expect to have to do this.