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How many undergraduates does it take to empty a keg of beer?

...the answer is about three. Tops. On a slow day...

Sadly, my undergraduate years are coming to an end, giving me a little time to be a little more "motherly" with the communities I spend so little time maintaining. So it's that time again to brush off the banners, try and whip up some enthusiasm and get some new members in!

Apart from the obvious application of this community - to post short jokes - I'm a little stumped as to what else can go on. One idea I had was a "you provide the punchline" meme. Someone posts the start of a joke, such as "How many European Ministers does it take to agree a treaty?" [Punchline - EU ministers? Agreeing to something? Non...] or "What do you get if you cross Tom Jones and a washing machine?" [Punchline - a crooner who cleans all the underwear thrown at him...]. Of course it helps if you don't have a particular punchline in mind, or if it's not too obvious. And nothing too crude. :-P

And after that, maybe a vote as to the best punchline?

To start us off:
What's the difference between President Bush and Elmer Fudd?

Be creative!
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